Ecologically produced food

In our vegetable garden you can find a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruit. You may milk the goat`s milk yourself or we can do it for you. You can observe the production of goat cheese and curd and you may even practise it yourself.

Ecologically (organically) produced juices

Excellent juices are prepared for you using only 100% organic fruit.

Experiencing a farm and domestic animals

Have you ever milked goats? You can do it on our farm.

We will show you our fields that haven`t been intoxinated by chemicals. In the spring they are covered with thousands of flowers and after mowing you can hear the sounds of crickets at sunset. The pathways through the woods are covered with brown leaves in the autumn time and amazing whiteness will charm you in winter time. In summertime you may witness the hey drying procedure or even participate in this work. To your special requirement we can also lead you to our alpine meadow. If you doubt in your physical condition we can give you a lift in our small jeep.


Many musicians revealed our house as a proper place to exchange experiences, to play together with the chief and to test various types of music formations and styles, generating several new ideas.


Guests that stay longer then 5 days may visit our saunas once for free. (on chilly days)



Seminars, workshops and conferences

We organise seminars referring to music education, application of music programmes (Sibellius), applied psychology, organisational psychology, neurolinguistic programming...