The Alpine lifestyle is reflected in the cultural and natural heritage

znamenje na Korenu

Hrominc shrine

This chapel shrine is devoted to Saint Sebastian. It is located at a popular energy point along the road from Kupljenik to Selo offering a wonderful view of the Karawanks mountain range. After having been completely destroyed during WW2, the chapel shrine was rebuilt some years ago. 

Bioenergy experts have confirmed substantial healing energy which could be beneficial to women.


St. Stephen`s Church

The earliest written records of the church date back to the first half of the 16th century. Since that time, the church has become well-known for the traditional pilgrimage on Saint Stephen’s Day (26 December) when residents of the surrounding villages bring their horses to be blessed. 

The second patron saint in this church is Saint Lawrence whose name day is celebrated in August. 

The church altar was designed by the renowned local architect Ivan Vurnik.

Kužno znamenje

Plague column

The Brs plague column serves as a reminder of the time when the fatal plague pandemic spread across Europe and our small hamlet as well. It was built along the path below the last house in the village where the dead were buried. According to folk tradition, only one villager survived.

sveti Anton

Saint Anthony

Embedded in a wooden frame, the painting of Anthony of Padua has always adorned the large tree by the road leading to Martinca where the sun shines throughout the year. During winter, however, there is no sunlight for a few weeks on the west side of the village and up to three months in the area surrounding the church. 

The villagers were praying to Saint Anthony to help them find a good spouse.